“Borrowing” Seeds:

Look through the drawers and pick out up to 5 seed packets that look fun to you! Seed packets will have a little bit of information on them to help you get started, but it is also a good idea to search the internet or books to learn more about the seeds you choose. You can also make copies of our info sheets from the Seed Library binder.

Some basic borrowing rules:

  • Each family can choose 5 packets each time they visit the library. This helps ensure there is enough seeds to go around!
  • You don’t need to check out at the circulation desk or have a library card, but we do ask that you fill out our guest book. This helps us know what is being used the most.
  • You do not need to “return” your seeds. Take them, use them, and don’t worry about saving seeds from the plant at the end of the season.


“Lending” seeds

Please bring any seed donations to the circulation desk. We will process them before putting them into the Seed Library. We will ask you to fill out a brief form about your donation.

Some guidelines for donating seeds:

  • Organic, non-GMO seeds are preferred, but we will take other types.
  • We accept seeds that you have saved, as long as you know what they are, and also excess store bought seeds you may have.
  • We accept donations of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds.