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Summer Library Program 2017

how it all works



1. Sign up anytime we’re open.

  • Kids entering grades K - 6: grab a folder, decorate it, and keep it.
  • Teens and adults: take some Tiny Book Review forms, a calendar, and this sheet.


2. Earn raffle tickets by:

  • Reading   Being read to   Listening to audio books
  • Completing “Build a Better World” Challenges
  • Attending events
    ° Look for adult events on Tuesday evenings.
    ° Great family events on Fridays and Saturdays.
         ° Kids’ events 5 Thursday afternoons in a row.
    ° Story Hour for preschoolers and care-givers  


3. Collect earned tickets from a librarian,
and put your tickets in the buckets of the prizes you hope to win.
August 11 is final day to collect and to hand in raffle tickets.


4. Raffle-prize winners announced at the
    Magic Show on Saturday, August 12.
     Winners do not need to be present in order to win.